"In the European capital of culture of 2007"
Exhibition of twelve Israeli artists
In co-operation and with the support of
the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and the Brukenthal National Museum

May 3 - May 30, 2007
Brukenthal National Museum
Sibiu, Romania
Curators: Dr. Maria Olimpia Tudoran, Romania
Dr. Zvika Israel, Israel


The exhibition "ISRAELI ARTISTS IN THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE" is a high quality cultural event which allows us to acquire a better knowledge of Israeli art through the art works of some remarkable artists. I congratulate the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu, Romania for their dedicated involvement in this event which, I think, will get the appreciation of the general public and from specialists. Contemporary Israeli art is noticeable for it's richness of expression which will be shown through the works that will be exhibited. This variety of expression is due to the fact the Israel possesses a multi-cultural society in which motifs and influences from different countries and cultures come together. The powerful colors that represent the special feature of Israeli art are mainly due to Israel's geographical position, a Mediterranean country flooded with sunlight throughout the year.

I would like to express my conviction that, in the near future the regular presence of Israeli artists in Romania and the presence of Romanian Artists in Israel, will become a reality. These cultural exchanges can only be of benefit for both countries and the more intense they become, the better the chances will be to earn each others appreciation. This is the reason why the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest constantly renew their efforts to produce theses kinds of cultural exchanges in the theatre, in films, in the field of literature, in the arts, etc.

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful co-operation!

Rodica Radian-Gordon Ambassador of Israel to Romania


The ICU, our non profit organization for the promotion of international artists will be organizing an exhibition in the Brukenthal Art Museum in Sibiu, Romania from May the 3 until May the 30 , 2007. This will be one in a series of international exhibitions designed to encourage and promote cultural contacts among artists.

Twelve artists will participate in this pluralistic exhibition with the aim of presenting a variety of concepts and expressional trends of abstract, figurative Israeli painters & photo-artists. The traditional, the classical, the modern and the postmodern styles of this exhibition will be a feast for the eyes! In the creative artworks of this exhibition one can find some artworks that touch upon social and ecological problems showing the preoccupation in the relationship between color and form, whilst others concentrate on the human spirit of the Israeli person.

This cultural event, initiated by our organization and the Brukenthal National Museum, will be supported by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy in Romania for the promotion of cultural contacts between Israel and Romania.

Dr. Zvi Israel, I.C.U. Chairman


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