Exhibition of twelve Israeli woman artists
In co-operation and with the support of
the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and the Cluj-Napoca National Art Museum

March 19 - April 06, 2008
Cluj-Napoca National Art Museum
Cluj - Napoca, Romania
Curators: Dr. Livia Dragoi, Romania
Dr. Zvika Israel, Israel


The "Femina 2008" exhibition is a cultural event which allows us better knowledge of the Israeli art through the works of some remarkable female artists who bring their contribution to the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel.

I congratulate the Museum of Art in Cluj for its dedicated involvement in this event which would be appreciated by the wider public, but also by the specialists. This annual event presents the women and their contribution to society, culture and art. Through their work, all the 13 Israeli artists are approaching different aspects of interest for women from all over the world. Contemporary Israeli art is noticeable for its variety and richness of expression, and this will be proved by the works exhibited. This variety of expression is due to the fact that Israel represents a multi-cultural society in which there are brought together motifs and influences coming from different countries and cultures.

A special feature of Israeli art is the powerful colours, a result of the geographical position of Israel, a mediteranean country enjoying abundent sun and light almost all through the year. It is my hope and believe that, in a not too distant future, the presence of Israeli artists in Romania and also that of Romanian artists in Israel will become quite common. Cultural exchanges can only benefit both countries, and the more intense they are, the better the chances to know and appreciate each other.

We shall all continue to work in this regard. Special thanks and acknowledgments to all participating artists from Israel, as well as the organizers of the event: the International Cultural Union and the Art Museum in Cluj.

Oren David
Ambassador of Israel to Romania


The exhibition intitled "Femina", organized in co-operation with The International Cultural Union from Haifa, under the aegis of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Israel and that of The Israel Embassy from Bucharest, belongs to a programme systematically organized by The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca, aiming to making the public familiar with significant manifestations of the international contemporary artistic phenomenon.

The interest of The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca for the artists of Jewish origin has constantly been manifested over the years, both through the presentation, in its permanent exhibition (The National Gallery), of the active Jewish artists in Romania (focusing especially in Transilvania) and the opening of some temporary exhibitions of amplitude dedicated to the work of some active Jewish artists, either in Romania (Egon Marc Lovith) or abroad (Erica Wesz Schveiger - textile artist born in Dej, in Cluj county, and active, starting with 1976 in Israel).

Through the opening of the painting exhibition intitled ''Femina" (reunited works of recent data achieved by twelve women artists from Israel), manifestation dedicated to the sixtieth commemoration of the Israel State, The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca declares once again its opening towards an artistic phenomenon of a rich and authentic originality.

Dr. Livia Dragoi
Director of The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca


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