Israeli Contemporary Art

Israeli group exhibiting artists
in co-operation with the Israeli Embassy in UK
March,11 – March, 24, 2019
Espacio gallery, London, UK
Curators: Rami Azzam/Israel, Carlos De Lins/UK

The curator’s speech:

Current Israeli Art

Despite the abrupt changes and daily use of technology, which has become an integral part of our lives that we cannot do without, and despite its influence over our behavior, which has led to growing insensitivity towards ourselves and others, we can still find endless, diverse sensitivity in art. These art works deliver an inner and outward message: the human core is still alive and kicking. Each artist is unique in style and technique, and yet they all share the message that we are human beings who must learn to live together and arouse the dormant human within us – and for that cause, there is no better way than the culture of human creation, and no better tool than art, which embodies the spirit of creation and reminds us that we are all one big family.

As a man, and more importantly – as a human being, I believe art connects people and knits them more closely together to bring out the human artist within us, regardless of gender, race and faith.

Rami Azzam, curator and artistic director






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