Aviva Dorfen: The Technological Revolution

Dr. Zvika Israel

We are in the midst of a technological revolution expressed in various channels such as: the accelerated development of industry and computerization, the digital and information explosion, concepts sown somewhere in the nineteenth century with the invention of steam power and the train and the move from rural areas to the industrialized cities.

Inspired by this socio-technological experience in the here-and-now, the works of Aviva Dorfen represent this complexity, incorporating texture and vivid colorfulness to form a unique rhythmus of form and content. The artist uses a broad palette of warm colors contrasted with cold blues in her creative works, a very melting pot in action. The general sense that the artist implies in all her paintings on canvas is represented by the immense size and power of the industrial structures that serve society's development, contrasted with the tininess of man facing the sophistication and infinity of the rapidly evolving multi-channel environmental reality, to the extent that he loses his understanding of the process within which he finds himself. Aviva's choice of the slanted line and perspective on the structures and pipes simply empowers these sensations. These paintings constitute a metaphor for the reality of the technological era, social criticism at its best.

Translation: Naomi Yalin

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