Israeli group exhibiting artists
in co-operation with the Collezionista de arte a Roma
October,15 – October 26. 2022
Luigi Bellini Museum, Firenze, Italy
Curators: Menucha Cohn/Israel, Gabriele Giuliani/Italy

Bellini Museum, Florence, 4/6/22 -16/6/22

In our contemporary world we are constantly surrounded by powerful visual messages, as well as verbal messages. The visual imagery surrounds us in public and private spaces: our computer, the web, media, ads and various art forms.

Visual art is an extension of plastic arts and includes wide spheres of artistic work that can be exhibited in several different forms and spaces. The imagery of visual art can be virtual or material. This form of art encourages relations of seeing and observing, as well as visual sensitivity enabling a wider perspective of subject matter and means, while developing independent critical thought, examination and a wide range of interpretations.

The evolution of art is a result of the environment in which it was created, social and cultural currents and existing technological developments. This exhibition presents Israeli artists displaying their inner world, influenced by visual social culture. Each artist expresses a cultural message in his or her unique manner, a result of the artist’s individual qualities. In this exhibition the individual becomes part of a group that conveys messages dealing with diverse issues, characterizing Israeli culture through these works.

Curator: Menuha Cohen


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