Israeli group exhibiting artists
July,06 – July, 20, 2019

Satura gallery, Genova, Italy
Rami Azzam/Israel,
Dr. Gabriele Giuliani/Italy

This exhibition offers a social and cultural encounter between the general public, the artists, and the works, which reflect the Israeli creative culture, as part of the global creative culture
at large, regardless of gender, race or religion, with art as a human creative tool that brings people together, while facilitating collaborations and mutual inspiration.
Art is a space that allows to accept the other, based on awareness and realization, by creating a learning process that teaches us how to live together, with every person unique in
their own way, as an individual and as part of a group.
We must learn from the different colors that come together in a single space, while supporting, accepting and containing one another, specifically the different.
I believe art should connect people, so as to awaken our inner human creator.
It is my honor to serve as a curator and partner in a diverse talented group of artist, each in their own way, who represent the Israeli culture with their works and invoke the human
creative spirit in the Israeli and global culture.
I hope this cultural night brings us closer together.
Enjoy the art and the artists: Together we can learn from the colors.

Rami Azzam
I.C.U. Art Director

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