Israeli group exhibiting artists

March,10 – April, 04,2018

PalastGallery, Berlin, Germany 

Dr. Reinhard Mikoleit  / Germany
Rami Azzam / Israel







The Material and the Spiritual in Contemporary Israeli Art
Rami Azam

In view of the accelerated development of technology, at a time when the world is is drawninto a vortex of robotics, human beings might become, in fact, programmers. What is the artist's role as a basic component in the universal human culture and has the spirit of creativity lost its role as a connecting force between human beings?
What happens when the local culture becomes an arid desert and suddenly a young sprout bursts forth, which symbolizes the rebirth of the human spirit and tells us that we are not wild beasts, and indeed we are human beings.

Here we have assembled gifted artists and their many-faceted creations, artists who trust that art is a universal language and an instrument which does not discriminate by gender, race or religion. They reach out to their fellow human- beings in peace, their weapon being the brush, the color and design.

This is the real palette of the Israeli culture and art which oscillates between modern technology with all its benefits and drawbacks which is starting to dominate our daily existence, and the eternal spirit of human creativity which is fighting to ensure its place in the overall mosaic of the contemporary human condition.

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