viena0Israeli group exhibiting artists
in co-operation and with the Israeli Embassy in Austria
June,1– June,30 2015
The Kunstraum Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Curators: Hana Barak Engel/Israel, Hubert Thurnhofer/Austria

Shades of Life

Human existence on earth is extremely diverse, and takes on every shape and form. Visual art usually revolves around various aspects of this existence, with the huge diversity drawing artists to explore fragments of life from different angles.

Modern life allows for extreme fluctuations in our way of life, and these are reflected in painting and sculptures. The artists chose their point of view, the prism through which they observe everything that happens, or is. The stimuli change from one person to another - some are bewitched by portraiture, others find allure in objects, houses, the inanimate. Things happen on all plains, and the artists use their talent to freeze and capture an experience, and through creation tell a story that is read by viewers, thus becoming part of their experience.

The incredible wealth of our time leaves plenty of room for personal expression that stems from reality. Some convey pain, others delight, and yet others have this abstract notion that translates into form and color and becomes reality.

Hana Barak Engel

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a great pleasure for me to once again see cultural exchange between Austria and Israel.

Throughout the six years I have served as the Israeli deputy chief of mission to Austria, there has always been a big interest in Israeli culture – in all its forms. Be it in fine or plastic art, as we see in this exhibition – or in dance, music, theater etc.

I hope you will enjoy the exhibition and appreciate the artists who take part in it. Each and every one of them is unique in his or her own way. But they also have something in common – they are all Israelis. They are all a part of the vibrant and lovely art scene in my homeland. They all portray some aspect of Israel as we know it today.

Enjoy the exhibition and I hope it will enrich your life.

Galit Ronen
Deputy Chief of Mission
Israeli  Embassy



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